Kit Cars & Motorsport

Dunning and Fairbank manufacture propshafts for ‘self build kit cars’ or ‘motorsport’. We have expertise on lightweight carbon fiber propshafts using Crompton Technology for motor sport or fast road applications. We can also design special torque resilient propshaft types for motorcycle engine kit cars.

Kit cars and motor sport products key features:

    • Decrease vibration transmission with the specialized torsional couplings
    • Sophisticated diaphragm centre bearings
    • Upgraded universal joints with close tolerance special bearing designs
    • Boosted universal joints combined integrated with multi-lip seals and advanced thrust bearings
    • More power and tolerable higher speeds with less weight penalties on endurance rallies or events
    • More options for car designers to allow small joints for car racing

kit cars and motor sport product range:

      • Driveshaft hardware
      • High speed CV joints and high performance universal joints with steel propshafts
      • Lightweight easy motion CV joints
      • Prototype and developed components
      • Rolled splines with super lightweight hollow bar shafts material
      • Uprated and reinforced inboard/outboard CV joints

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Our kit cars and motor sport product applications:

      • Rally
      • 4 x 4
      • Classic cars
      • Auto racing
      • Dirt track racing
      • Drag racing
      • Formula one racing
      • Military applications
      • Monster truck
      • Off road racing
      • Stock car racing
      • Sports car racing
      • Touring car racing
      • Stage rally racing
      • Road rally racing

Dunning and Fairbank products are specially designed by our highly skilled engineers with three decades of technical and professional experience. We manufacture a wide range of high tensile and aerospace certified grade materials according to customer’s application requirements. We design and supply driveline products on all Motor Sport categories, our customer base vary from car enthusiasts and hobbyists to private individuals and from race car teams to UK original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

D&F have also supplied marine driveshafts for marine engine manufacturers and speedboat manufacturers in the UK.

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Kit Cars & Motorsport