Precision Joints

Dunning and Fairbank have offered the best range of high standard, easy motion and lightweight precision joints and constant velocity joints to cope with the UK market’s most demanding applications.

The quality precision joints of Dunning and Fairbank is seen on every aspect of the parts, from the case and forged hardened steel alloy crosses to high standard heat treated needle bearing. We have premium quality of precision joints and parts with our super strength and higher grade U joints for most passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

We have available universal joints and yokes for truck mounted PTO shafts (power take off shafts)

All the D&F premium precision joints are precision ground, meeting stringent tolerances, It has undergone strict quality control inspections in every step in the facility’s manufacturing process. Every precision joints have been tooled to meet and exceed the set equipment standard.

Our precision joints key features:

  • Case hardened bearing cups
  • Cold formed bearing cones
  • Precision grounded for higher strength and better wear
  • Radical design for 3600 lubricant distribution for every bearing surface
  • High quality seals to keep out contaminants
  • Superior quality seals for proper lubrication
  • Machined needle bearings for maximum carrying load capabilities
  • Heat treated needle bearing from superior quality steel
  • Cross body grease fitting for smooth maintenance
  • Superior strength steel crosses
  • Forged steel crosses exceeding OE specifications
  • Carbonized and heat treated steel crosses for loner life
  • Tapped and drilled grease fitting holes
  • Cross trunions for optimal grease distribution
  • Internal anti drain back valves with superior control of lubricant flow
  • Abrasion-resistant and long wearing nitrile seals
  • Exclusive made thrust washer design
  • Exclusive micro shield coating of precision joints for rust and corrosion protection

Dunning and Fairbank’s precision joints are manufactured to the highest exacting standards. We welcome client’s enquiry on specific precision joints and application requirements. Feel free to call or fill in our online form and we’ll be happy to assist your precision joint needs.

Precision Joints