Dunning and Fairbank products for applications include all propshaft components from the world leading producers in the UK and the International market. We have propshaft and parts for every application ‘that in theory could drive’.

We are an approved service center of UK leading propshaft supplier, Dana Spicer. For more than 30 years, Dunning and Fairbank have been the leading propshaft specialists in Leeds and have provided driveline solutions for many applications in many areas in the UK.

Our products can be found in the following applications:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Self Build Kit Cars and Motor Sport
  • 4 x 4 Land Rover
  • Light, medium or heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Off road earth moving and plant equipment.
  • Vehicle PTO (power take off)
  • Vintage and Classic cars
  • Pump drives
  • Sewage and water treatment works
  • Marine Applications
  • Military Applications
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Paper making productions
  • Steel making productions
  • Bottling plants
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Mobile cranes
  • Railway track maintenance equipment
  • Engine test cell equipment
  • Off-Highway vehicles and equipment
  • Heavy duty vehicles like trucks and buses

Propshaft Applications Specialists

Dunning and Fairbank’s innovative propshaft and driveline solutions for commercial vehicles, automotive, industrial, agricultural, construction and off-road applications is continuously evolving
to meet changing demands in the UK, Europe and the International market.

We provide high standard and leading edge propshafts, driveshafts, half shafts, side shafts, suspension coil springs, differentials and other driveline components for major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), heavy duty parts distributor and driveline specialists.

We can complete and manufacture new propshafts and supply according to specification for a particular application. Please contact our sales team, fill our online form or e-mail Jon Dunning at [email protected]